Code Enforcement
On May 24, 2016 the Township of Fredon adopted Ordinance #2016-03 regarding vacant and abandoned properties in the Township. 
The owner of any vacant property shall, within 30 days after the building becomes vacant property or within 30 days after assuming ownership of the vacant property, whichever is later file a registration statement for each such vacant property with the Township of Fredon on forms provided by the Township of Fredon for such purposes.
Please click here for Registration Form

Please click here for Vacant and Abandoned Properties Ordinance

Overnight Parking:  Pursuant to Chapter 515 – 3, no person shall park any vehicle overnight on any street or road in the Township, between the hours of 2:00 A. M. and 6:00 A. M.  Any person violating this provision shall, upon conviction, be subject to a fine in accord with Chapter 515-6.
Snow removal; restricted parking:  To facilitate snow removal, no person shall park any vehicle at any time on any public street in the Township during the period commencing November 1 of each year and continuing through and including April 15 of the following year.
Snow Removal:   Fredon Township Ordinances state that “no snow which accumulates within private property is to be thrown, placed or deposited upon the sidewalks, streets or public roads of the Township”.  Additionally, please make sure that any private contractor plowing your driveway complies with this ordinance, as it is the property owners’ responsibility.  Snow plowed, shoveled or blown onto the roadway often creates an unexpected hazard for drivers.  Noncompliance with this ordinance may result in a notice of violation and fines beginning at $100.00.

Numbering of commercial & residential buildings: All commercial and residential buildings established within the Township shall be subject to being numbered for proper identification, especially for reasons of expediency in fire, police and medical emergencies.  If you have any questions, please call 973-383-7025, Ext. #21 for further details.

Garage Sales:  Every year the Township receives calls from residents asking questions about ordinance regulations relating to Garage Sales.  The following addresses the most frequently asked questions and complaints.

Are Permits required to hold a garage sale?
Fredon Township does not require a permit to have a garage sale, but there are some regulations that must be followed
Are signs advertising a garage sale permitted?
Yes, but each year this office receives complaints about signs that are not removed following “garage sales.”   Signs remaining in various locations around town are not only unsightly but also a violation of the sign ordinance.  All signs must be removed immediately following the sale.
Is an ongoing garage sale permitted?
Another problem that arose this past year was the “garage sale” that continued over several consecutive weekends.  Garage sales are not permitted to operate in the same location on a weekly basis and to do so would require a variance for a business use and a site plan because it is considered a business.
If you have additional questions please contact the Code Enforcement Officer, Arlene Fisher at 973-383-7025, Ext. #25.
Accessory Structures:  If you are planning to add a storage building, shed or other accessory structure (e.g., a swimming pool) including a membrane structure a zoning permit is required.  Additionally, fencing requires a zoning permit.  If what you are planning to add either permanently or temporarily is located on the ground a zoning permit is required and perhaps a building permit.
When planning, be sure to keep clear of water supply, gas lines and septic systems.

Setback Requirements for Accessory Buildings/Structures
Floor Area
Side Yard
Rear Yard
Less than 100S.F.
10 ft.
10 ft.
100 to 500 S. F.
15 ft.
15 ft.
501 S.F. to 1000 S. F.
25 ft.
25 ft.
More than 1000 S. F.
35 ft.
35 ft.
Side Yard
Rear Yard
Less than 10 ft.
10 ft.
10 ft.
11 ft. to 16 ft.
15 ft.
15 ft.
17 ft. to 35 ft.
30 ft.
20 ft.
Note:  The greater of either setback requirement applicable to floor area and height of accessory building shall control
Please contact the Code Enforcement and Zoning Officer, Arlene Fisher at 973-383-7025, Ext. #25 with any questions.
Office hours are Tuesday, 10:00 -11:30 A.M. and Thursday,  9:00 A.M. - 1:30 P. M.
Zoning Permit Application-click here


Please be advised that through a Shared Service Agreement between the Township of Fredon and the County of Sussex, the Fire Prevention Bureau is now located and operating under the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office at 39 High Street, Newton.  Please contact Dan Stoll, Sussex County Fire Marshall at 973-579-0380
           The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for:
  • Enforcing the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey, the minimum fire safety code, which protects the lives and property of the State’s citizens
  • Conducting all fire and life safety inspections

Certificate of Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide/Fire Extinguisher Compliance Information

The State of New Jersey requires that you obtain a Certificate of Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide/Fire Extinguisher Compliance in order to sell, rent, or lease a home. It is the responsibility of the owner/seller to get this certification. In Fredon Township, the Fredon Volunteer Fire Company conducts these inspections. Please call Carl Lazzaro at 973-383-7624 and leave a message with your name and phone number where you may be reached during both day and evening hours. The Inspector will call you back and set up a mutually convenient time to conduct the inspection.

Please click here for more information regarding the Certificate of Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide/Fire Extinguisher Compliance